~Peace~ designing jewelry right now! My shop is open, and I am trying to get some products situated. :D #jewelry #handmade #bracelet (Taken with Instagram)

I’ve lost a couple inches off my waist, and am down to about 180 pounds! :D (Taken with Instagram)


Jnana yoga.

So amazing. I would hang this in my house :D


‘Happiness is like a butterfly’ - Thoreau was such a brilliant man :) #yoga #bali #happiness (Taken with Instagram)

Totally gorgeous place to do some yoga. Seriously inspirational for when I am visiting my hometown.

Ugh, looks so amazing right now. So wanting something amazing. :D

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This is just too cute, and so true.

Got my heels on too! I am feeling attractive today :D (Taken with Instagram)

Out and about. :D (Taken with Instagram)

Nom Nom Paleo: Quick Pressure Cooker Bone Broth


There’s nothing I like more than a nice steaming mug of bone broth to get me through the cold winter months. It warms me from the inside out and it’s so good for you: check out why in these great posts by Mark’s Daily Apple and Balanced Bites.

I have a recipe for simmering bone broth…

Definitely something to try when we get a pressure cooker :D


Reblog or like this to show this lady that she is no where near ugly!

She is gorgeous! I love real life girls! Actresses and models are alright, but nothing is more beautiful than a normal girl :D